Voice of the Customer

Head of noise

There are many rumored interpretations of the song “Sound of Silence” by Simon and Garfunkel.  To my knowledge (until now) the critical need for a Voice of the Customer (VOC) strategy was not among them.

Personally I believe the lyrics meaning to be profound and complex, not unlike the relationship between company and customer. And in business, there is nothing more crucial in business than the customer. Conceivably, the interpretation of the lyrics, for our purposes, could represent the lack of structured communication between businesses and their customers.

 “People talking without speaking” –

Perhaps this represents a dissatisfied customer who just quietly went away… their silence and final action of taking their business elsewhere speaking for itself.

“People hearing without listening” -

Maybe this refers to a conversation between a dissatisfied customer and an employee who is unsuccessful in making a connection, gaining agreement and remedying the situation.

Or maybe it’s a business that misses out on that opportunity to identify the customer needs and requirements therefore failing to align their services to this need, create value and/or reach their full potential.

People writing songs that voices never shared.  No one dared.

“Disturb the sound of silence” –

Possibly, the songs themselves are the customer’s experiences.  Those experiences both negative and positive occur but without sharing feedback.  So often, the business has no formal or sophisticated mechanism to capture the customer’s voice.

To the contrary, sadly there are plenty of companies with great intentions that do seek out customer feedback however, once they have it, do not have the systems, strategies or resources in place to work to take action.

And worse, for some organizations customers or employees have given up voicing their ideas or opinions.  Instead, they just accept the inferiority and live with diminished expectations until a better situation presents itself.

“And the sign flashed out its warning in the words that it was forming”-

There is a cost … to silence.

A solid Voice of the Customer strategy and platform can make the difference between mediocrity and excellence or even survival and success.  VOC initiatives can benefit the organization in many ways:

  • Define your value proposition and create a consistent sales message and strategy
  • Collection of baseline and ongoing customer satisfaction metrics to allow for continuous improvement
  • Uncovering potential opportunities to service unmet needs or reveal new customer sources
  • Allow for incorporation of customer service values and accountability throughout your organization

Contact us to learn more about acquiring, processing and deploying the VOC, as well as strategies you can adopt to incorporate the Voice of the Customer into your organization.

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