When solution risks are high, utilization of proven methodologies are critical.

Core Methodologies:

  • Six Sigma
  • Lean
  • Project Management

No Single Methodology is One Size Fits All:

Companies big and small do not need to be full-blown Lean Six Sigma organizations to realize the benefits. Simply put, Six Sigma is a customer focused, process driven methodology to help companies gain efficiencies so that customers continue to reward them with business. In addition to utilizing statistical analysis to identify and fix problem areas by reducing process variation, Six Sigma is:

  • An objective approach to managing your business
  • An efficient business model
  • An accountability system as what get’s measured, gets done.
  • A continuous improvement culture
  • A set of proven methods and tools
  • A discipline and attitude!

In matters of scientific investigation the method that should be employed is think, plan, calculate, experiment and first, last, and foremost, think. The method most often employed is wonder, guess, putter, theorize, guess again, and above all avoid calculation. — A.G. Webster 1910