Why Hire a Consultant?

Hiring a consultant is usually not top of mind until a problem arises. Even then, management (often in fireman mode) will react and jump to solutions. Often times those solutions are merely band-aids and paperclips for today’s crisis. This does not make them bad managers or bad people. Management has a full time job which may keep them so internally focused that they are not looking ahead and positioning for future growth.

Recognizing the lack of dedicated focus is the first step to be taken as Leaders. Furthermore, hiring a consultant to define the gap, create a plan and implement it is not a sign of weakness or failure of management’s ability.

If your organization is not executing to your strategic plan every day and its activities are not in alignment with your companies long term goals, a consultant is not only a worthwhile investment in your future, it’s the responsible decision.

Common Reasons Consultants are Engaged

  • Times of crisis
  • Economic times inability to hire permanent staffing
  • Supplement staff time and expertise
  • Lack of dedicated resources to a project
  • To ensure objectivity and creativity
  • To obtain specialized legal or accounting expertise

Best Reasons Begin with a Problem Statement

  • Are you satisfied with your margins?
  • Are you increasing market share?
  • Are you building with the end in mind?
  • Are you positioned for growth, integratable, agile and scalable?
  • Are you meeting and exceeding your customers expectations? (Do you know?)
  • Are you instilling quality into your process?
  • Are all employees executing to the strategic plan? (Do you have one? Has the vision been communicated?)
  • Are you leveraging technology and automation to its fullest?
  • Are there resources dedicated to quantifiable cost reduction?
  • Are there resources dedicated to continuous improvement?
  • Are decision makers given the tools and measurements to make objective decisions?

If you answered yes to all of these questions, congratulations! You are a six sigma organization. If not, you now know the answer to the lingering question…why you should hire a consultant. Now its time to select the right one.

Getting your business on target…